The Perfect Season

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Yesterday marked the end of an incredibly successful Time Attack season for the Yimi Sport / Jager Racing Subaru STI. Running the full Redline Time Attack season of 8 races at 4 different Southern California tracks we captured all 8 Street Class Overall victories. In the process we set Time Attack Street Class lap records at Willow Springs International Raceway(1:27.384), Auto Club Speedway Roval (1:45.394), Chuckwalla Valley Raceway CW (1:59.781) and narrowly missed the record at at Buttonwillow Raceway Park 13CW (1:53.207).

This was all done with Mark Jager‘s 2006 Subaru STI with a completely stock longblock. Many thanks to our good friends at Full-Race Motorsports and Borg Warner Turbo Systems for helping us with the BW EFR6258 that powered us to victory throughout the season. This tiny little 50mm inducer turbo (class rules restricted to that size) vastly exceeded our expectations and performed faithfully through thousands of miles of heavily abusive testing and racing. This package delivered the goods.

A debt of gratitude goes to our team member Ken Kasitz. Ken was responsible for the chassis setup and without his expertise and commitment there is no way we could have come remotely close to what we achieved this season. If anyone out there needs their suspension/chassis setup you need to look no further than Ken of Koherent ChassisWorkz.

We also owe thanks to Whiteline Flatout for their support with their complete and fine line of suspension parts that are equally at home on a street car as on our race car. Our selection of Swift Springs also allowed us more opportunity to adjust our setup during the season, so many thanks for their support as well. Bryan Wasp Composites also joined the team mid season and supplied us with an equally effective and beautiful carbon fiber front splitter which gave us the front downforce to mesh with our rear GTC-300 wing from APR Performance and Hankook USA RS-3 tires to help us pull 2.8 lateral G’s on the banked oval at Auto Club Speedway during our record setting performance yesterday.

Of course stopping is just as, if not more important as accelerating, and our Girodisc 2-piece rotors held up beautifully throughout the entire season. Driveshaft Shop‘s carbon fiber driveshaft allowed us to shave off a huge chunk of rotational mass with perfect fitment and smooth performance. Last but certainly not least, Ginormous Design Group for the work on the car’s livery and our company logo.

All in all, a lot of hard work and determination was put into transforming what was one year ago an extremely mild daily driver in to one of the fastest street tire cars in the country. Along the way we had many sleepless nights and tiring days, but the fun and camaraderie at the track more than made up for it.

2014 will bring another season running Redline Time Attack’s Street Class for the team and we look forward to working with our current and new partners to further rewrite the record books and go even faster.